life is a journey
and those who travel live twice

I love to travel, I love to photograph and I love to do this with my motorbike.
I have always been passionate about motors since I was a child and at 10 I received my first digital camera.
Now that I can I always try to combine these two passions taking my shots.


Claudio Benincasa

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yamaha mt 09 2018

I could call it love at first sight. As soon as I saw the new Night Fluo color I decided that it had to be mine!
I already liked the 2017 model very much beacause its LED headlights, electro-assisted gear shifting and traction control. The color convinced me to make the leap from my previous 2006 Er-6n. 
I find its 115CV currently perfect for me, fun to drive and comfortable at the same time.

BMW R1200gs Triple Black 2016

A bike to travel or go out comfortably in two was missing, and then with the right opportunity I took this R1200GS.
Found with the right kilometers and in my favorite coloring, I did not miss it!
Now we just have to start and grind miles on miles.

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When I decided to take this path guided mainly by my passions, I never thought that many opportunities would knock on my door.
Below are the brands which I collaborate with and that support my projects.
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I love to travel
and I love to capture the places I visit

In 2014 I bought my first DSLR, a Canon 700D, and since then I have always taken at least one camera with me on every trip. Since I shoot the memories of my travels seem more vivid thanks also to the possibility to relive every moment of that adventure through the captured frames.


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